Upper West Side Orthodontist Offering Braces & Invisalign


If you are looking to acquire quality orthodontics, Karpov Orthodontics is the most sophisticated orthodontic practice in Manhattan. Providing the latest orthodontic advancements and medicine, patients are receiving optimum treatment and care by the most qualified professionals.Our orthodontic advancements include self-ligating metal, articulators (jaw simulators), clear brackets, and Incognito lingual appliances (braces behind the teeth) to thoroughly study each patient’s malocclusion. 

Karpov Orthodontics is an orthodontist office that is excited to welcome patients from the Upper West Side Manhattan. Dr. Maria Karpov offers the same services as her Tribeca location for her Upper West Side patients. If you need braces or Invisalign, we will take excellent care of your needs.


Metal braces are traditionally the most common form of braces, although there are clear braces as well. These high-grade stainless steel braces are used to straighten your teeth through the use of metal brackets and metal arch wires. Braces are highly effective for proper movement of the teeth to create an impeccably straight smile. At Karpov Orthodontics you will not only receive the best treatment from our staff, but you will receive the high-grade orthodontic technology. We want you to feel pleased with your results and the process that took to create your perfect smile.

If you or your child needs braces, your first step is to book a free consultation with us. However, once you are ready to continue to pursue orthodontic treatment, you will get a complete new patient examination to finalize your true needs. This process may include x-rays and photographs so we can determine what is best for you. Before we put any braces on our patients, we will explain you recommended treatment options, giving you the power to decide. If you make the decision to get braces, the next step is obvious—getting your braces on! This process usually takes around two hours, and we will inform you on the entire process on how to take care of your braces properly. Our braces only consist of the most quality brackets and wires, with the most beneficial and effective orthodontic plan. We will make sure you will not have them on long before your smile is perfect.



If you are trying to avoid having metal brackets on your teeth, but you desire a straighter smile, Invisalign will be the perfect option for you. Invisalign is also perfect for those who don’t require intensive correction, and it is barely noticeable. It is similar to a clear retainer, however, they fit snug and gently shift your teeth over time. These clear aligners are made custom for you, and they are made to move your teeth vertically and horizontally to create a flawless smile—people won't believe you never had braces! Invisalign is made of thermoplastic material that is uniquely developed for your case. Over the course of your treatment plan, you are given a set of aligners. Each aligner makes slight tooth position adjustments that are planned by your doctor. Usually, the process calls for new aligners every two weeks or so.

Your new Invisalign is engineered to use the perfect amount of force required for your circumstance. The process of getting Invisalign always starts off with a consultation, which is essential to make the best, and most beneficial decision for your dental and financial needs. The next step is creating a custom treatment plan. Depending on your specific case, your plan will be unique to your needs. By using a professional-grade digital scanning system we will create 3D images of your teeth so we can map out a treatment plan for you. You will have the privilege to see the precise movements of the teeth that we planned out for you, and you will know exactly how long your treatment will last. You will even get a sneak peak of what your new smile will look like!

Your new custom-made aligners will be virtually invisible—people won’t even notice them! With Invisalign, you get to skip the bulky metal in your mouth and having to keep up with intense maintenance. Before you know it, you will have an impressive smile that was effortless and painless.


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